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Welcome to the HYDROMEL project

Hybrid ultra precision manufacturing process based on positional- and self-assembly for complex micro-products  

The HYDROMEL project is supported by the European Commission through the
Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development.


2011 : the project is now finished : see the results

HYDROMEL’ aims at developing a technology platform for hybrid assembly in order to develop new versatile 3D automated production systems for complex micro-devices through the innovative combination of micro-robotics and self-assembly.
The radically new production technology, which is mainly based on  high precision robot-based positioning, integrated with programmable surface behavior arising from localized surface functionalization will be achieved through  the integrated R&D approach via selected demonstrators to illustrate the versatility of the above concept in five different high-tech industrial sectors: mechatronics, electronics, biological engineering, photonics and IT.



Final results