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Massimo Perucca, PhD - Diad Group : 90th anniversary of HIT, the Harbin Institute of Technology

On 3rd March 2010 was celebrated the 90th Anniverary of HIT, the Harbin Institute of Technology. In this launching celebrations, the 90 Savants Forum was launched. The celebration opening was performed by the old HIT President, Yang Shiquin.

HIT actively learned from the Soviet Union’s advanced technology and experience, closely meeting the demand of China and turning out lots of quality engineers and technology professionals, contributing to China’s technological development. HIT went through a golden time in the 1950s and after the setback times of the 60s and 70s, HIT gradually gathered strength and has been recognized as one of the 9 key universities in China.

HIT is a famous institute proving outstanding contributions in technology, metallurgy and aerospace industry such as skyrocketing and micro-satellites development. HIT also hosts very active research groups in robotics, nano-bio-technology and nano-machining. In particular on 26 March 2010, the network of Nano Technology in the USA has made a positive evaluation about the research in the New Focus Section. All over the world, the research firstly used atomic force microscope probe top-down micro-machining. The Precision Engineering Research Institute (School of Mecatronics) led by Prof. Dong Shen, in cooperation with the team of Prof.Li Xiadong at UIniversity of South Carolina made a breacktrough in setting an innovative nano-machining method for three dimensional nano-structures, such as three-dimensional face, sinusoidal array and triangular array determined an important theoretical and applied significance and now HIT is carrying out more in-depth research on this basis.

More information at http://en.hit.edu.cn/