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On the base of patented technology the Russian industrial production of nano-crystalline magnetic materials for AC/DC electromotors, communication systems, PC techniques and etc. have been created.

Key advantages :

  • Production technology 3-4 times cheaper than foreign analogues;

  • High precision of geometric dimensions, without additional treatment; multipole magnetization (that is very important in the case of producing stepping motors, for example – electronic regulator of new car models)

  • High stiffness – for magnets, working under high load; high speed electromotors with 80000-100000 tr/min;

  • High warranty – more than 10 years;

Science value : New research solutions, with many advantages; new methods for creation of strong, high-gradient magnet zone on the base of nanostructures, international patented new methods of magnetic separation, which increased  30-35 % producing of quality products, decreased 25 % cost of the production.

Some practical examples - Car industry, electromotor production and etc. Both together with NPO “Magnetic technologies“ (Moscow) are thinking about hybrid magnetic systems, by using advantages of composite magnetic materials, so in the creation of hydromultipoles from new generation.

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